Adam Elliott Davis


Adam Elliott Davis is an American film and television actor, writer, and producer. He's appeared in notable roles on television, including Grimm (2015), The Wonderland Murders (2018), and Combat Report (2015), as well as in starring and award-winning feature film roles in Losing Addison (2019), Undeserved (2016), Prodigy (2018), and more. He was born in Portland, OR. His Christian faith has led him to pursue storytelling, trusting that telling compelling and truthful human stories can change and heal, and bring love and light to the world. He met his wife Kelly Sina while working opposite her in the stage musical 1776 as her husband Thomas Jefferson. He has two wonderful sons, one of whom plays a younger version of Adam's character Les McCubbin in the psychological thriller Losing Addison, also starring Sherilyn Fenn. Adam's hobbies include fishing, backpacking, music, snowboarding, barbecue, and painting.


Movie Name Release Date
alone we fight movie Watch Alone We Fight English War Movie Online in HD [2018] November 6, 2018