Alan Cappelli Goetz


    Alan Cappelli Goetz was born in Brasschaat, Antwerp, Belgium, from Heidi Goetz (from Belgium) and Alessandro Cappelli (from Italy). He grew up between the two countries and attended the CEIS, Italian-Switzerland School in Rimini. By the time he graduated from the comunication-based high school, Liceo della Comunicazione, he was already experiencing work on local television and radio stations. Meanwhile, he also discovered his passion for theater and expanded his musical knowledge with modern piano, drum and singing lessons. After living in Toronto for half a year, Alan returned to Italy and entered first the Department of Architecture and then Psychology at La Sapienza University in Rome. It was here in Rome that he was first introduced to a professional career in acting. In the Fall of 2008, he was accepted into the Italian National Cinema School, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, during which he took part in theater projects and several movies. He is currently living and working between Los Angeles and Rome. Near the end of his education Alan was selected as lead role for two tv series, "La Famiglia Gabardella" and "Notte Prima degli Esami". First discovered by "De Agostini" for the commercial of Giovanni Minoli, he took role in a series of television advertisements for the international Italian phone company TIM, working with the world known Italian director Gabriele Muccino and the major Sugar, the musical producer Caterina Caselli. During this time he was invited to Montepulciano to serve as Robert Pattinson's body double in the Twilight sequel "NewMoon". Annual theater and stage experience has promoted Alan's artistic growth and in September 2009, after the earthquake in L'Aquila, he was given his first lead role for the feature length film, "La Citta' Invisible", shot in the emergency field of the hitted city. In 2011 he was casted for the role of a exuberant french artist in the tv series "Tutti Pazzi per Amore" and as the antagonist in the tv show "Come un Delfino", the story of a roman swim team, and in the movie "Come non Detto", wich has been recognized as a brilliant debout for the young director Ivan Silvestrini from both publics and critics. During summer 2012 he has been shooting "Che Dio ci Aiuti" and "A un Passo dal Cielo", a tv show for Rai1 entirely located on the Italian Dolomiti mountains. In 2013 Alan was Prince Geretz in Alessandro Siani's directing debut "Il Principe Abusivo", wich with his strong cast of italian stars, such as Christian De Sica, Sarah Felberbaum and Alessandro Siani itself, has been one of the highest grossing for the italian box office surpassing even Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit". On TV, he was Antonio in "Crossing Lines" a new Crime show produced by Tandem and TF1 starring Donald Sutherland and William Fichtner. Nontheless Alan has kept himself busy with a some Independent projects, such as "Elavia", a new ambitious fantasy-based film, and "LARpers" an irreverent web series.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    Ouija Seance The Final Game Ouija Seance: The Final Game Full Horror Film (2018) August 3, 2018