Amanda Graeff


Amanda Graeff is an American actress who studied acting in Los Angeles and New York. Most know for her awarded nominated role in 'On Her Lips' and 'Patient Seven.' Amanda started acting in a professional theater group Southern Colorado Repertory Theater (SCRT) when she was still in elementary school. She was awarded scholarships to attend SCRT for the following years until she started high school and was asked and decided to attend the local college theater program. Amanda was then awarded a full ride scholarship to attend the college and major in the drama department. She was very active in many aspects of the theater, arts, and the music department aside from acting. Closer to her graduation a professor pushed Amanda to further her acting career and audition for the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts (AADA-LA) in Los Angeles where she later attended with multiple scholarships. At AADA-LA, when she wasn't acting, she worked at the costume and prop department learning and putting other creative outlets to use. The next five years following the academy graduation she acted in dozens of student films, independent short films, music videos, and a couple of feature films. During all of this work she spent a great deal helping the filmmaking process in any way she could utilize her artistic skills. She art directed, set decorated, made costumes, created and managed props, outsourced makeup artists, assistant directed, and more on a variety of sets. Amanda learned she loved every part of making and putting a film together all the way through to finally seeing a completed project, but her true passion would always be the actress in her. Later, life circumstances pushed her further from Los Angeles. She continued to do student films and started to create work of her own. Finally she made her way to New York City where her love of acting could take a more solid shape. There she attended the AADA-NY campus on Maddison and 31st in Midtown Manhatten. She continues to act, perform in plays, create her own content and more.


Movie Name Release Date
patient seven movie Watch Patient Seven English Horror Movie Online [2016] October 11, 2016