Blair Fowler


Blair was born in Georgia, where she lived for a short period of her life before moving to Tennessee with her family. Her sister, Elle, first started out making videos on YouTube, but since she wasn't yet of legal age like that of her sister, she got her parents permission to start making videos as well. Soon her views skyrocketed and she now has almost 800,000 subscribers to her popular beauty channel as well as almost 500,000 subscribers to her Vlog channel. She even received an online invitation to prom from someone she had never met before and accepted. Elle and Blair share several websites together and are featured constantly in interviews, magazines, and television segments for their beauty and fashion advice. In 2011, she had a small part in the movie "Prom" as well as being nominated, along with Elle, for a Teen Choice Award for "Choice Web Star". Although they did not win, we most likely have not seen the last of these two successful beauty guru's.


Movie Name Release Date
sharknado 3 movie Watch Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Hollywood Movie in HD [2015] July 22, 2015