Bradley Bundlie


Bradley first stepped onto the stage at the age of three and a half, and fell in love with theatre and the art of becoming someone else. Along the way, he has played the adorable kid- next-door as well as tackling many unconventional kid roles. He's played the President, shot a man, knifed a man, been killed by his father, watched his dead mother carried out on a stretcher, threw a man off a cliff, been a victim of pedophilia, been a sweet child-turned zombie and he's even been the devil-spawn child himself. With dozens of short films, webisodes, plays, musicals and commercials to his credit, including his varied roles in the popular annual Kid Oscars and Kid Emmys spoofs for Cinefix, he continues to study at Gray Studios. This year, Bradley begins his first season as a Level IV competitive gymnastics team member. His other interests include baseball (his coach says he's gonna be "a powerhouse hitter when he grows up") Karate (currently Kyu 7) proud 'adopted' team member of Sideswipe (, musical theatre, Shakespeare, painting, hip-hop, tap dancing, roller skating, piano, Lego building, and dressing up from his box of costumes. Of Scottish descent, he has traveled numerous times to Edinburgh, as well as trips through Italy, France, Germany, England, Tel-Aviv and his favorite, Las Vegas! Bradley lives in Southern California with his family including his singer/actress mom, producer dad, and three-year old brother Bowie, who also acts. Bradley aspires to be a clown-magician-musician-astronaut when he grows up.


Movie Name Release Date
american nightmares movie American Nightmares Comedy & Horror English Movie Online [2018] October 11, 2018