Casey Kasem


Born As An Entertainer Casey Reigns From Michigan The Very Same Birthplace For Fellow Shaggy Voice Actor Matthew Lillard (Whom Both Casey & Matthew Do A Very Fine Smashing Job Voicing The Iconic Character) Debuted As A Radio Operator & Legendary Disc Jockey In His Early Days Was The Greatest & Most Likely The Best One Seen In Recent Years.Having A Very Iconic Voice & A Set Of Vocal Cords Mr. Kasem Pleased The Audience In The Only Form He Could Through Radio & Voice.Casey Hit It Big Time In The Early 60's With Voicing Both Major & Minor Roles In Television Series Until Hanna-Barbara Released Then Later Debuted The Very Same Role He Characterized His Career Off Of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! In Which He Had The Pleasure Of Working With Legendary Voice Actors Don Messick & Hal Smith.In His Latter Years He Spent His Time With His Friends & Family In The Way He Could Showcase With Love,Passion & Voicing.He Died On June 15th 2014 He Was 82 Years Old.He Will Be Forever Missed In The Hearts Of All Fans Across The World.


Movie Name Release Date
scooby-doo and the samurai sword movie Watch Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword [2009] April 7, 2009