Charles Halford


In his senior year of high school he delivered an award winning performance of Lenny in John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men," which, in his words was, "just my best attempt at mimicking John Malkovich's on screen embodiment of the same character, but in going though the motions, some wonderful magic happened." After one performance, a stranger, tears in his eyes, said "Thank you!" Halford says, "I'd never felt such deep-seated gratitude, from this guy, this 'other kid's dad...' The guy was massive. He wept, I thanked him, and I wept... it was crazy cathartic, and this just, intensely beautiful moment." Charles' mind was made up, his heart was in it, and the rest has really grown from there. He loves this life and lives pursuing the arts... striving to connect "like that" to the world in which we live and the people and the environment... He would like to leave things better than he found them, including himself.