Daniel Lench


    Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Daniel Lench realized very early on (like 6 or so) that acting was what he loved and simply had to do. A chameleon-like actor, Daniel Lench has worked extensively in film, television, commercials and Equity theatre. Daniel can now be seen starring in Patient Seven (one of the Top 30 horror films on iTunes). He received stellar reviews for his work in Patient Seven, including this one: "The patient is played by Daniel Lench, who is terror personified. Really, that man should be in every horror movie he wants to! As this character, he is petrified of plastic wrap. He's so damn good, that I even started feeling scared of the stuff when watching him react." (Excerpt from 2016 review from "HeavenofHorror.com, by Scream Queen") Daniel's earlier star turn as The Rich Man in the Sci-fi cult hit Circle (one of the Top 10 Sci-Fi Films on Netflix) has garnished him accolades, artistic caricatures, and an international fan base. With several film, television and equity projects set for release in the near future, Daniel Lench is the man to watch.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    patient seven movie Watch Patient Seven English Horror Movie Online [2016] October 11, 2016