Donnie Blankenship


As a boy living in Anaheim, California Donnie Blankenship became infatuated with acting watching The Godfather. Fast-forward to 1992 where he appeared in several theatrical Productions in Los Angeles. Starring in plays such as "The Restaurant" and "The Ties That Bind". In 1993 he joined the Emmy award-winning Sarah Fulton Group and is currently still a member. He appeared in various daytime TV shows with recurring roles on General Hospital and The Young and the Restless through 2006. Yearning to do film , he began doing student films starring in titles such as "Out of Mind" and "The Speakeasy". then graduating to SAG feature films such as "Throwdown" ( 2014), "Burn" ( 2015), and "Warfighter" (2016). He is currently starring in a web series called "The Kettleman" as an apocalyptic pirate swordsman. Produced by Fire Born Studios.


Movie Name Release Date
American war fighter movie Watch American Warfighter Full English War Film in HD [2018] April 27, 2018