Helena Grace Donald


Helena Grace Donald is a British actress and author. She stars in the cult classic "Hellraiser:Judgement" as Jophiel. Helena recently wrapped up an international book tour for her first book "Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror" and has been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, BBC and many more. Having performed in plays from a very young age, at 18 Helena began training professionally in method acting. Since then, her career has gone from strength to strength. In 2014, she relocated to Los Angeles where she played the lead in 'A Portrait of an Art Thief.' In 2015, the short film 'Shrew'd' that Helena stars in and co-produced won first prize at an international film festival - awarded by Academy Award nominated Kenneth Branagh and Olivier nominated director Rupert Goold.


Movie Name Release Date
hellraiser judgement movie Hellraiser: Judgment Horror English Film Online [2018] February 3, 2018