Jamie Jacqueline Burns


    Born in 1998 in Guelph, Ontario, CA., Jamie started out at the age of 14 as a background actress in the Canadian Musical Horror Slasher Film Stage Fright (2014) as a camper who attended a musical theatre camp. She has been involved in multiple productions since a young age. She is known for her previous work as Elodie's Best Friend in the French-Canadian Comedy series St.Nickel (2016), which aired on Unis TV, as well as the role of Letterkenny folk on the Canadian television sitcom Letterkenny - S04E04 - The Letterkenny Talent Show (2017) on CraveTv and Hulu. In 2017, Jamie Burns was cast as a Young Professional on American Hangman (2019), a American Thriller Movie staring Donald Sutherland and Vincent Kartheiser.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    american handman movie Watch American Hangman Full English Thriller Film Online [2019] January 4, 2019