Jared Antoline


Christopher Jared Antoline was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the youngest of four children born to Henry and Jeanne Antoline. His mother Jeanne R. Antoline is of Cajun-French and Irish descent and his father Henry P. Antoline is of Italian descent. He has three sisters and was raised in Baker, Louisiana. Growing up he was always popular for his comical impersonations and accents. He loved making people laugh and was a natural at entertaining. During his childhood he also enjoyed horse riding, fishing, boating, shooting and hunting, which are all still his favorite hobbies. As a teenager Jared was asked by his parents to tape an outgoing message on their answering machine in an East Indian dialect, just for fun. Shortly after, the family took a trip to Disney World and later one of the Resort Managers from Disney World returned a call to Jared's parent's home about their trip and heard Jared's outgoing message. They asked who left the outgoing message, that they were really impressed and asked them if Jared would come do voice recordings there at Disney Studios, but still being in high school he was focused on playing baseball and football and so at that time declined the offer. Jared later gained SRT and Military tactics and firearms training through a Nuclear Security Company. He also gained his State Firefighter I and First Responder certifications through Louisiana State University Fireman Training Program. Jared resides in Zachary, Louisiana and is still married to his high school sweetheart Tracey (Smith) Antoline, they have four children. After the passing of his father Henry Antoline in 2014, Jared decided not to have any regrets himself and started pursuing his dream of becoming an actor.


Movie Name Release Date
demonologist movie The Demonologist English Thriller Movie Online [2019] January 1, 2019