Jason Manella


Jason Manella was born in North Bay, Ontario Canada on June 14th 1991 to Elizabeth (Aultman) and the late Mark Manella. He was raised on a small hobby farm in the small town of Commanda, Ontario with his three sisters Jacquline, Angela, and Diana. Experiencing the traumatic suicide of their father in the fall of 1997, Jason became very withdrawn, trying to chameleon to fit in with the people around him. Jason's acting career began in his grade 11 year when he was invited to audition for his high school's summer musical. Landing the role of Roger in Grease, Jason found the perfect outlet for his years of pent up energy and chameleonic tendencies - channeling them towards his characters. Jason was known for delivering energetic and captivating performance's. After high school Jason studied Theater at Canadore College. There he met his now wife - actress Rebekah Manella. The two were married on September 2nd 2012 - the day after wrapping a community theatre show. From there Jason moved to Toronto for a short stint and starred in a handful of short independent short films to gain more experience on camera. Unfortunately moving to the "big city" didn't turn out as well as the couple had planned, so in 2014, the couple decided to move back to Jason's hometown of North Bay, Ontario. Still actively pursuing his passion, Jason became involved with making many short films with Canadore College's Digital Cinematography program - stirring up once again Jason's creative energy. In Fall 2015, Jason joined the Digital Cinematography program, and to date has written and directed three of his own short films, as well as been the director of photography on four of his colleagues shorts - not to mention starring in many of his classmates films as well. Jason continues to develop his skills as an Actor and Filmmaker, and has plans for many future projects to come.


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