Jason Pace


    Jason earned his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Education/Child Development at Wagner College. Originally, a New York actor, he was seen in over 100 commercials and various recurring roles on television shows such as Kate & Allie, As the World turns and One Life to Live as a youth and teen. After his college graduation, Jason moved to Los Angeles in 1998. While in Los Angeles, Jason continued his on camera success while also becoming one of the leading voice over artists & voice directors for film and television. In 2001, UPN decided to branch out to a larger demographic viewing audience and cast Jason to help expand their network. Jason had the good fortune of being cast as a lead actor on the hit UPN sitcom "Girlfriends." He was cast as the quick-witted, handsome, plastic surgeon, Dr. Todd Garrett. He played the love interest and later husband of actress Jill Marie Jones' character. From 2001-2006, the comedy/drama of this bi-racial, bi-religious and child bearing couple brought the highest ratings to this popular show. During his time on the show, "Girlfriends" was the #1 show watched by all women age 18-42, and was seen by over 9 million viewers per episode. As a way to give back to the community, Jason founded Children's Playhouse Theater, A Performing Arts School & Camp for Children in the summer of 2001. There he has had the enjoyment of co-writing and directing over 60 productions. CPT's curriculum has benefited thousands of students in the Los Angeles community. It's goal is to help support the voice of children, while ensuring that all children of the LA community experience the benefits of the performing arts. In 2008, Jason began incorporating his passion for Psychology & Acting to create "The Psychology of Acting" workshop series. The workshops are based in Jungian & Depth Psychology. He has been asked to teach these workshops throughout Los Angeles and New York and has most recently taught them at Disney as part of their Diversity Program as well as at Yale University in their Summer Film Institute. In 2004, Jason married and soon became a father of three beautiful children. After his time on "Girlfriends", Jason decided to focus on what is most important to him in his life, his young family. With his children now grown out of those active toddler years, he has recently returned to the industry after a hiatus raising his family. Jason's success continued with his leading portrayal of the down on his luck character Shawn Stone in, filmmaker Shane Stanleys', (Disneys "Gridiron Gang","A Sight for Sore Eyes"), serio-comedy "My Trip to the Darkside" . Both Jason and the film won high honors at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival bringing home the Gold Jury Prize for Best Picture. The director & actor tandem teamed up again to film the sequel "My Trip Back to the Darkside". Jason was then cast in Writer/Producer Dana Klein's show "My Friends With Better Lives" for CBS Network. There he played Jimmy Bennina, friend to James Van Der Beeks character Will Stokes & opposite Kevin Connolly, Brooklyn Decker, Majandra Delfino & Zoe Lister Jones, and was directed by television legend James Burrows. Jason continues to be one of the leading voice over artists and voice directors in Los Angeles. Commercial spots for "7-11", "Kmart" and his several year run for "Robbins Brothers" highlight his radio career. His voice directing work can be heard in various television & film productions such as "Scorpion," "Under the Dome," "CSI:Cyber," "The Blacklist," "Black Panther","Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2", and others. Jason's many voices can be heard as several different characters with roles in the animated films "Sing", "Rock Dog", "Happy Feet One & Two", "Duck Duck Goose",and "Finding Dory", to name a few. Jason also has the honor of being known for his role as Faregame, a loud, brash, New York Cab in Disney Pixars "Cars 3." The role was received so well, that Pixar decided to feature Jason's character in their short film "Miss Fritter's Racing Skool" as part of their DVD release for the feature film.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    the scorpion king 3 movie The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption Movie Online [2012] January 17, 2012