Jessica Dawn Willis


Jessica was born on April 10th in the panhandle of Texas. She dabbled in several art forms throughout grade school but was especially inclined towards dancing and acting. In the past 2 years, Jessica has appeared in various films such as "The Ouija Experiment 2", and "Cypress Creek". Recently, Ms.Willis played lead roles in "The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie" and "Germaphobia" and can be seen as one of the featured dancers in Albertson's 50th Anniversary commercial. She continues to study acting and has studied with notable teachers in the Dallas area, including Terry Martin at Watertower Theater, Nancy Chartier at R.E.A.C.T studios and Jeanne Everton at S.T.A.G.E. Jessica's favorite musician is Bob Dylan, and she loves baking pies and cookies from scratch. She has almost completed a degree in biology and especially enjoys learning about microbiology. In her free time, she can often be found painting, reading, dancing, killing dragons in Skyrim, or showering her adorable dog, Frosty, with attention.


Movie Name Release Date
Charlie Charlie movie Charlie Charlie 2016 Full Movie Online in HD October 21, 2016