Justin Hawkins


Justin Hawkins was born in Minneapolis MN, where he would later attend the University of Minnesota, earning degrees in film studies and advertising. Hawkins also attended acting and screenwriting classes throughout his academic career, while practicing martial arts and fight choreography, all lifelong passions. Upon graduating from college, Hawkins wrote, directed and starred in "Prick", a micro-budget feature with actors and friends he had met in school. Film Threat called it "a solid indie drama, with comedic levity." He then co-created and co-starred in "Once Upon a Time in the Midwest", another micro- budget feature The Examiner called "reminiscent of the filmmaking styles of Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, and even a touch of David Lynch." Hawkins moved to Los Angeles in 2010 after interning on the Coen Brothers film "A Serious Man". Over the following years he acted in shorts, wrote a series of spec scripts, and co-produced the award winning short, "Watch This", a heartfelt drama starring Harrison Page ("Lionheart","Ally McBeal") and directed by Richard Turke ("Visible Scars"). He then co-produced the action pilot "Fallen Cards", featuring Chris Mulkey ("Captain Phillips"), Brandon Molale ("Gangster Squad"), Eddie Steeples ("My Name is Earl") and Zack Ward ("Transformers"). In 2017 Hawkins was hired to write, co-produce and co-star in the supernatural thriller "Ouija House", starring Mischa Barton ("The OC"), Tara Reid ("American Pie"), Dee Wallace ("E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"), Tiffany Shepis ("12 Monkeys") and Chris Mulkey ("Captain Phillips"). The film was produced by Jeff Miller ("Kill 'Em All") and directed by Ben Demaree ("Apocalypse Pompeii"). Hawkins also served as action choreographer. His next project is writing another supernatural thriller for director Mark L. Lester ("Commando", Stephen King's "Firestarter").


Movie Name Release Date
ouija house 2018 Ouija House English Horror Movie Watch (2018) December 21, 2018