Livvy Stubenrauch


Olivia "Livvy" Stubenrauch was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is best known for her adorable and mischievous Voiceover role of "Young Anna" in Disney's award winning animated film "Frozen" (2013). Livvy began modeling for print ads at the age of 5. She caught the acting bug when she turned 6 and landed the role of "Molly" in the play "Annie" at her teenage siblings' high school Creative Arts Theater. She has loved being on stage and behind the camera ever since. In addition to her role in "Frozen," Livvy has also lent her voice to characters on Cartoon Network's "Clarence" and "Adventure Time." She has also been cast in various independent films.


Movie Name Release Date
frozen movie watch now Frozen (2013) English Animated Movie Online in HD 1080p November 27, 2013