Marhoom Ahmad Bilal


Marhoom Ahmad Bilal was born as Ahmad Bilal in Multan, Pakistan. He graduated Law from the Punjab University Law College in 2010. Ever since he has been working as the Senior partner of RBS Law Associates His first film "Teefa in Trouble" by Ahsan Rahim is releasing on July 20, 2018, and his film "Ready, Steady, No" by Hisham Bin Munawar is releasing in October 2018. He is an Urdu Poet and his book "Unwaan" was published by the Sanjh Publications in March 2018. He has been working as a Documentary Film-maker in Dubai since July 2017.


Movie Name Release Date
Teefa in Trouble movie Teefa in Trouble Full Urdu Ali Zafar Film in HD [2018] July 20, 2018