Marko Zaror


Marko Zaror Aguad (Santiago, Chile) is a Chilean martial arts action star and fight choreographer, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His career began as a young boy with a passion for martial arts and fighting, inspired by Bruce Lee. At the age of six he started training himself, and by the age of 18 Marko had become an exceptional martial artist. Marko moved to Mexico and quickly found success in modeling by doing fashion shows and acting on local movies. Despite this success, he never lost his passion for martial arts. In Zaror's early career, he starred in Spanish language action films including Chinango and Into the Flames and receive a study grant in Televisa. Zaror then gained international notoriety as lead and producer of indie action cult Kitro, Mirageman, Mandrill and Redeemer, all premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas where they achieved international and domestic distribution. In his first American film, he was nominated for best villain with his performance of "Dolor" in Isaac Florentine's "Undisputed 3", where he earned worldwide fans for his physical skills and acting. His big break was wen Robert Rodriguez discovers and write him a role in Machete Kills. Since then, Marko has developed a promising career with several performances in series and movies that include the series From Dusk Till Dawn with the epic character of Zolo or the awaited film of the alliance of Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron "Battle Angel Alita"


Movie Name Release Date
Undisputed 3 Redemption Undisputed 3: Redemption Full Fighting Movie Online June 17, 2010