Mike Sarcinelli


Mike Sarcinelli is an actor, director and writer known for his leading role in the feature film Beyond the Call to Duty (2016), and firm supporting role in the independent film A Grim Becoming (2014). Sarcinelli made his directing debut with an original screenplay co-written among three talented individuals in which he also starred entitled Without Honor (2014). Mike Sarcinelli was born in Buffalo, NY. It did not take long for Mike to realize his passion for the arts. He became a natural entertainer at a very young age. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Mike was earnestly involved with sports; practicing baseball, basketball, and hockey. As a goal-oriented person, Mike was able to juggle school, life, and sports while maintaining an ardent devotion for his craft as an actor. He began training young, taking private classes at a local theatre, standing out among his peers while simultaneously embracing a humble, yet driven attitude. Easily liked and personable, he preserves these characteristics today. Mike attended Williamsville East High School of East Amherst, New York. During his time in school, and especially after graduating, he always found time to aggregate himself into the local independent film community in the Western New York area. Mike's hunger for knowledge grew as he learned the importance of collaborating on projects with each person involved within the creative process. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 2014 in order to pursue his dreams in becoming a well-known and respected entertainer.


Movie Name Release Date
Beyond The Call To Duty movie Beyond The Call To Duty Full Movie Online January 1, 1970