Nathalie Boltt


    Nathalie Boltt burst onto "Riverdale" screens as super villain, 'Penelope Blossom,' who, thanks to the atrocious antics she displays towards her onscreen daughter, 'Cheryl' (Madelaine Petsch), garnered the title of 'Worst Mother...but the Most Watchable' by Rotten Tomatoes. In a town such as Riverdale, full of twisted parents, this is quite an achievement. . Where the heck did this whirlwind come from? "District 9," the Golden Globe-winning box-office smash hit of 2010, put Nathalie front and center on the big screen, following an impressive run on TV. She starred in the lead role in her native South Africa's longest running hit drama series, "The Need (Isidingo)". Additionally, she has starred in "Doomsday," directed by "Lost In Space"/"Hellboy"/"Game of Thrones" EP Neil Marshall; showed off her bilingual acting skills in the award-winning BBC series "George Gently"; and flexed her impressive range and accent abilities in critically-acclaimed Australian and New Zealand productions, "Bloodlines," "When We Go To War," multi-award-winning "800 Words," and many more. With her acting career still on the rise, Nathalie can be seen in YouTube Red's flagship series, "Origin," with Tom Felton, which premiered in November 2018. She plays a scientist with a penchant for the unusual who coerces a young doctor into committing murder for his country. She also recently appeared alongside Damon Wayans, Jr. in the CBS comedy series, "Happy Together," channeling Steve Irwin as a rough-as-a-goat's-knee Australian, which is a hilarious contrast to her villainous 'Penelope' on "Riverdale." Additionally, she plays Ethan Hawke's tortured sidekick in the high-octane action thriller "24 Hours To Live" on Netflix. While living in Wellington, New Zealand, she was inspired by the Peter Jackson-driven film industry, to write and direct her first films: art house drama "The Silk," outrageous comedy "Vajazzle," and the cult web series "Dropped Pie." The latter won Nathalie a slew of awards and established her as a filmmaking talent to watch. She was selected for several directing programs, most notably at the highly-respected Melbourne International Film Festival. She was awarded funding by the New Zealand Writers Guild and NZ Film Commission to develop her first feature film, "Holy Days," which she will direct this year. Warner Bros. and Sony have both supported Nathalie in these endeavors, with commitments for her to direct episodes of the wildly successful "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and the Russo Brothers' SyFy series, "Deadly Class." Nathalie is an ambassador for Palm Oil Investigations (@POI), an organization dedicated to preserving rainforests and wildlife threatened by the burgeoning palm oil industry. She recently spent a month in Indonesia, visiting rescue centers, tracking endangered species on a river boat in Borneo, meeting with local communities and NGOs and discussing solutions to this major threat to the environment, and her 'red headed cousins,' the critically endangered orangutan. After all, humans share 97% of their DNA with the red ape, and she refuses to sit back and let them become extinct. In her free time, Nathalie enjoys performing musical parodies on her ukulele (check them out on social media at #NatTheSongWrecker), tearing up the dance floor on a good night out (she is a trained groover), hiking, hot yoga, snowboarding and teasing her frenemy Mädchen Amick ('Alice Cooper' on "Riverdale") on social media. Follow Nathalie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @natboltt


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    District 9 movie Watch District 9 Full Action Movie Online in 720p Now [2009] August 14, 2009