Nikolai Tsankov


    Nikolai started acting as a child in Eastern Europe. He was a member of the Bulgarian National Theatre and had starred in numerous features for TV and the big screen produced in Bulgaria, Russia, and Germany. After immigrating to the U.S., Nikolai continued to act in TV, film, and stage production across the country. When the Internet and personal computing became a reality, he fell in love with the new technology and began a new journey in the digital world. Nikolai stopped acting for almost 15 years and built a successful career as a Data Network Engineer with companies such as I.B.M. and Google. In 2016, Nikolai decided to return to New York and acting with much passion and appreciation. He is proud of his successful acting comeback and enjoys working on the sets of various film and TV productions.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    The man who killed Hitler and then the bigfoot movie The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot Movie Online [2019] February 8, 2019