Omono Okojie


The second of two girls, some had hoped for the arrival of a male child upon her parents' "We're Expecting" announcement. Named by her grandfather to express gratitude for her birth, Omono's sex and gender are only but the first of many surprises this young talent has brought to the world's stage. Born in Lagos, Nigeria to two journalists, Omono was exposed to a rich culture of the arts at a very young age. Perhaps fueled by her parents' profession, one of her earliest aspirations was to be a writer. So confident in her talents, at age eight she boldly proclaimed school a useless hurdle for her ambitions. Much to her parents' joy, she did not turn out a primary school dropout and instead found passion both on page and on the stage. Heavily involved in theatre and dance productions, this fervor has remained as she crossed the Atlantic to Los Angeles, CA where she now resides. Her stage experienced gathered, translates beautifully to the screen where she is known to bring a youthful glow and a grounded presence that transcends audiences. Anchored by a dimple on each cheek, Omono has a smile to lighten up a room, and pairs this with a fun, quick-witted charm Childhood dreams not begone, Omono adds a clever voice to script work and is known to share her personal musings via her blog Omono Talks


Movie Name Release Date
West of Hell English Horror Movie Watch in HD [1970] January 1, 1970