Patrick Roccas


Patrick Roccas is a Greek born actor from Athens. His father is Greek and his mother is Canadian. His father played soccer and his mother was a dog groomer. After moving to Canada in 1994 and to Vancouver in 2000, Patrick would become interested in bodybuilding and was inspired by the journey of Arnold Schwarzenegger. After finishing high-school, Patrick worked a variety of jobs while he tried to figure out his calling. During this time, Patrick worked as a plumber, roofer, bricklayer, concrete form worker, laborer, security guard, bouncer, painter and glazier. He soon discovered these jobs weren't a good fit for him and left him feeling unfulfilled. He began to eye a career in show business as a way to express his inner monologue. Using the money he had saved, Patrick started to study and immerse himself in the craft of acting. He then got professional head-shots taken and hand wrote letters to every prominent agent in Vancouver. After being picked up by a top agent, he started to build a resume appearing in Fringe, Supernatural, Flash, Arrow and more. After seven years working hard in smaller roles, Patrick received an opportunity from director Robert Zemeckis, who cast Patrick in a principal role in "Welcome To Marwen". This was Patrick's first feature film. Patrick is characterized by his work ethic and dedication. Hardened by life's tough lessons, he looks to bring his lived experience to his performances, and maintains a goal of drawing film-goers into his world in order to experience the breadth of the human condition.


Movie Name Release Date
marwen movie Welcome to Marwen Stream it Now for Free in HD [2018] December 21, 2018