Reza Sholeh


    Reza Sholeh is an award-winning filmmaker whose career path has included work in documentaries, unscripted television, feature films, digital series, and episodic web content. Reza was born in Iran in the 80's, his interest in film started from early childhood which as he grew up it grew with him and eventually turned into a profession. Sholeh left Iran for Canada when he was only a teenager, his journey to where he now calls home took nearly 8 months and involved; spending months in jail in different countries around the globe because of illegal entry and use of fraudulent documents but at the end he made it, and proved true that the difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a man's determination, and for Reza determination became an obsession and then it was all that mattered. Sholeh's experiences in life has provided him with the ability to look at a story that seems banal and tell it in such a way that becomes exemplary. Reza has a very unique vision when it comes to filmmaking and his only goal is to wow the audience in the most spectacular way.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    The Breadwinner The Breadwinner English Animation Movie Online Free [2017] November 17, 2017