Rick Primerano


Rick P. Primerano is the co-owner of a successful personal fitness and training business residing in Niagara Falls, NY. With 7 years in the business alongside his brother Ron, they have become a very successful team. With the success of Rick's career in fitness, he continues to work his way to the top! Rick and Ron continue to be the powerhouse team in all organizations they compete in. Recently, they made a huge transition with opening up a state of the art fitness facility known as Primerano Fitness Inc. Along with running a very successful personal training/health club business, he plans to continue his bodybuilding career as a national level competitor and Fitness Modeling, aiming to score jobs in fitness magazines, athletic & swim wear and more. In 2013, Rick signed on to portray the character 'Steel' in the upcoming nonprofit charity film 'Call of Duty Undead'. With his debut in film, Rick is very excited to taking on this new endeavor.


Movie Name Release Date
Beyond The Call To Duty movie Beyond The Call To Duty Full Movie Online January 1, 1970