Rileah Vanderbilt


Rileah Vanderbilt moved from her home state of Colorado to Los Angeles to pursue acting after graduating high school. She is no stranger to being in front of the camera and has many credits under her belt. She has been cast in various scripted TV shows, short films, web and feature films alongside fellow actors like, Joel David Moore (AVATAR), Zachary Levi (CHUCK), Seth Green (AUSTIN POWERS), Shawn Ashmore (THE FOLLOWING), Nathan Fillion (FIREFLY), Stan Lee and many more. Being a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and action movies, she was thrilled when she was cast as Wonder Woman for an online film by Rainfall Films. It reached one million views in less than twelve hours and four million over the first week. It was the number one trending topic that week on the likes of Google Plus, Facebook, and Yahoo and the subject of conversation on many entertainment shows including Good Morning America. Praised for the portrayal, she is still argued as "the best" representation of the character to date. Rileah works with her multi-media production team Team Unicorn. Representing the idea that once upon a time, "like unicorns, geek girls were not supposed to exist.", Team Unicorn is a group of like minded women who create viral videos, television, and merchandise honoring the various genre-centric worlds that they so passionately love themselves. Rileah also helms Danger Maiden Productions with producing partner Clare Grant. The company behind Team Unicorn, the online sensation SABER, and many more female action driven productions. She's a known "geek" and enjoys comics, video games, costuming, fantasy books, Star Wars and all things Sci-fi.


Movie Name Release Date
hatchet movie Hatchet III Stream it Now For Free in HD [2013] November 7, 2013
hatchet movie Hatchet English Horror & Comedy Film in HD Free [2010] April 2, 2010