Ryan Sobolski


Ryan Sobolski is an Australian actor having graduated from a four-year Acting Honours degree in Adelaide at Flinders University Drama Centre in 2015. He booked leading roles in Pete Ireland's American thriller 12.12.12, and later in Will Faulkner's coming-of-age drama Stretch, both touring the international festival circuit throughout 2018. Ryan was cast in a leading role in Dominik Hauser's upcoming Horror Feature Dead Squad, premiering in Los Angeles late-2018. Most recently he has been cast in upcoming supernatural Australian pilot The Eternals as a series regular. Ryan has years of training in Piano and Guitar, a natural talent for dance, and his training in Karate as a 2nd Dan Black Belt has taught him determination and discipline.


Movie Name Release Date
dead squad movie Dead Squad: Temple of the Undead Horror Hollywood Film Online [2018] October 21, 2018