Stephen Mendel


Stephen Mendel began singing at age 8. Educated in Montreal, Canada, he graduated Bishop's University with a BA in drama and began working almost immediately in theater. Film and TV roles followed soon after. He moved to Los Angeles, and was quickly cast in the CBS TV series "Night Heat" (1985 - 1990) filmed in Toronto, Canada, which ran for 96 episodes over five seasons, playing the role of Detective Fred Carson. He subsequently went on to guest star on numerous television shows and appear in many feature films. Between roles he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theater and taught at California State University for several years. Very much a chameleon, he is often unrecognizable from one role to the next, playing good guys and bad, scientists, doctors, lawyers and judges. He grows beards, mustaches, wears hairpieces, glasses, etc. in the quest to capture the character. He has studied with many teachers and uses synergistic approach to acting. A master of accents and dialects, he performs voice work in animation, narration, video games, audio books, radio and television commercials. He loves to play guitar and sing, especially folk music. He also studies an obscure martial art called aki-jutsu, skis, and teaches scuba diving.


Movie Name Release Date
cinderella 3d movie Watch Cinderella and the Secret Prince English Animated Film [1970] January 1, 1970