Tian Tan


Tian Tan is an actor, comedian and online personality. Originally from China, he moved to New Zealand when he was seven. He has trained under various teachers across New Zealand and Australia on various techniques such as Meisner and Chubbuck. Some notable screen appearances include: 'Friday Night Bites', 'Baby Mama's Club', 'Sui Generis', 'Ao-terror-oa' and 'Mega Time Squad'. Initially he started out making YouTube videos as a way to simulate acting. After not much luck on YouTube, he found success in creating comedic and motivational videos on Facebook. He was awarded 'Best in Entertainment' at the Social Media Awards in 2017. Coming from a martial arts background, he eventually transitioned into the sport of tricking. With over 7 years of experience, he can be seen using it in roles such as Patre in Netflix's 'The New Legends of Monkey'. Outside of acting he is educating the world on how to live a more wholesome, sustainable life via funny videos on social media. As well as gambling money in cryptocurrency in hopes of going to the moon on a Tesla one day.


Movie Name Release Date
mega time squad movie Mega Time Squad Animation Action Movie Online Free [2018] August 30, 2018