Timothy Oman


    Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director for the Riverside Shakespeare Company, New York (1980-1991). Directed and Produced over 250 productions. Taught by the prestigious ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY, LONDON. FILM: Wilde Salome - Supporting/opp. Al Pacino - Al Pacino Hellraiser:Inferno - Supporting - Scott Derrickson/Miramax Who Shot Patakango - Supporting/opp. Sandra Bullock - Castle Hill Target - Supporting/opp. Stephen Baldwin - William Webb/Westwind Group Dear Me - Supporting - Michael Feifer Cupid Dog - Principal - Michael Feifer Boston Strangler: The Untold Story - Principal - Lionsgate Bundy: An America Icon - Principal - Lionsgate A Dead Calling - Principal/opp. Alexandra Holden - Lionsgate Ed Gein - Principal/opp. Kane Hodder - Lionsgate Chicago Massacre: Speck - Principal/opp. Corin Nemec - Lionsgate Dracula's Guest - Principal/opp. Wes Ramsey - Michael Feifer/Lionsgate Sign of the Otter - Supporting/opp. Dan Haggerty - Ingvordsen/Tri-Mark TELEVISION: A Christmas Proposal - Principal - Michael Feifer/Lifetime Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Recurring (Freud) - Peter Baldwin/WB Out Of Darkness/MOW - Supporting/Opp. Diana Ross - L. Elikann/ABC Deadly Games/MOW - Supporting - Larry Elikann/CBS Home Is Where the HartIs/MOW - Principal/opp. Stephanie Powers - NBC City Guys - Principal - Frank Bonner/NBC The Young and the Restless - Principal - Mike Denny/CBS Unsolved Mysteries - Principal - Cosgrove/Meuer Prod. Could It Be A Miracle - Recurring - Tony Swartz/UPN The Collected Works of Billy the Kid - Principal - Allan Traf/PBS


    Movie NameRelease Date
    the final wish movie The Final Wish Hollywood Horror Movie Online Watch [2019] January 24, 2019