Tom Coulston


Tom was born in the steel city of Sheffield with English, Scottish and Irish roots. As a teenager he was a very keen footballer who played for the Sheffield United Junior blades, he was also a regular ball boy at his beloved club for 3 years. His first experience of a speaking part in a feature film came when he worked alongside Martin Kemp in the British gangster film Top Dog. He began acting training with his LA acting coach Michael John Gonzales back in 2014 and he still works passionately with him today as he continues to learn his craft. Tom has played characters in BBC's comedy series Motherland and Ch4's Man Down where he worked closely with the comedy genius Greg Davies. In 2017 Tom was cast to play a character in the upcoming Lollywood feature film 'Teefa in Trouble' starring Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, directed by Ahsan Rahim. 'Teefa in Trouble' will see it's global release on 20th July 2018.


Movie Name Release Date
Teefa in Trouble movie Teefa in Trouble Full Urdu Ali Zafar Film in HD [2018] July 20, 2018