Veronica Ferres


Veronica Ferres is one of the most famous actresses in Germany. She starred in over 100 feature films and in multiple TV shows, winning numerous film and TV prizes including the Adolf Grimme Prize, the German Television Prize, the Bavarian Television Prize, the Golden Camera Award, the Bambi award, as well as the Emmy Award in 2002 for The Manns. Later, Veronica founded her own production company, Construction Filmproduktion GmbH in 2012. She studied German Literature, Psychology and Drama at the University of Munich before pursuing a career in acting. She had her breakthrough with the leading role in the successful comedy The Superwoman, followed by Academy Award nominated Sschtonk!, Rossini and Saviours in the Night. Her latest feature films include Short Term Memory Loss and the remarkable comedy Under German Beds. In 2018 she will be seen in the TV movies Marry Me and Unzertrennlich Each Verona. Her first international appearance was in Catherine the Great in 1992 along with Catherine Zeta Jones. Ever since, was has featured in over 25 international productions alongside John Malkovich in Klimt, The Giacomo Variation, Les Miserables, Jeff Goldblum in Adam Resurrected, Nicolas Cage in Pay the Ghost, Robert de Niro, Danny DeVito & Harvey Keitel in The Comedian, Keanu Reeves in Siberia, Michael Shannon and Gael Garcia Bernal in Werner Herzog's Salt and Fire and Sir Ben Kingsley in Death of an Author.


Movie Name Release Date
pay the ghost movie Pay the Ghost English Horror & Mystery Movie in HD [2015] September 25, 2015