William Haze


With his genial demeanor and strong presence, Will Haze managed to move quickly from featured to leading player. On one of his very first auditions for a small role in a feature film, he was asked to read for the leading role and booked it. Since then, he has appeared in over 30 films and television shows. Taking on many challenging roles such as portraying a robot in National Lampoon's "Robodoc", the ruthless drug dealer on "One Tree Hill" and working alongside some of Hollywood's greats like playing Susan Sarandon's lover in "Middle of Nowhere," appearing with Naomi Watts in "Sunlight Jr." and appearing in two of Michael Bay's films, "Transformers" and "Pain and Gain", Will Haze has the passion and the will to take on any role.


Movie Name Release Date
jeepers creepers movie Jeepers Creepers Full English Horror Film in HD [2001] August 31, 2001