Xavier Sotelo


Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Xavier's first exposure to acting was a location shoot for the T.V. series "Streets of San Francisco" starring Michael Douglas and Karl Malden in 1973, a Quinn Martin Production, at 8 years of age. Since then, Xavier has gone on to study acting in California, New York, Toronto and Ottawa, Canada; most notably with John Strasberg. Xavier next appears in the U.K.'S/Canada's production of "No Easy Days", found on Amazon Prime, "Street Legal" currently filming and directed by Academy Award Nominated director, Sturla Gunnarson, CBS's "Star Trek: Discovery" staring in January 2019, and, due out for release in December of 2018 "The Truth About Christmas" directed by Jay Karas (Brooklyn 9-9 and Parks And Recreation). Additionally, Xavier can be seen in Zed Filmworks'production of "Gutshot" and in the CBC Mini-Series, "The Best Laid Plans" directed by Peter Moss. Recently released is the made for television movie, "Guilty At 17", directed by Tony Lefresne. Xavier can also been seen in a starring role in "September Runs Red (Aquaphobia)(2013)", a Blackhouse Pictures Production, also starring Adam Beach and Caroline Redekopp; marking Xavier's second feature film with Adam Beach, and in "Donkey" directed by Adrian Langley.


Movie Name Release Date
twisted movie Watch Twisted English Thriller Movie Online in HD [2018] May 19, 2018