Zach Touchon


Zach Touchon is an American actor, screenwriter, visual artist, photographer, music producer, film editor, fashion designer, and musician born in Dallas, Texas. Zach Touchon, based in Los Angeles, California, is known for his roles in The Talking Tree (2018), Checkmate (2015), Gnome Alone (2015), and Throwdown (2014). Zach Touchon is a chameleon, able to take on whatever character the story requires. Among filmmakers, Zach Touchon is known for his deep intensity and raw emotion when in character and his great attitude as a whole when working on set. Off the screen, Zach Touchon owns Touchon&Co Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, an art gallery and production facility in a joint venture with Bullet Entertainment, that brings creative people together in a supportive environment. Zach Touchon facilitates creative endeavors on all levels and actively supports many artists in their pursuit. As a visual artist, Zach Touchon's artwork has been in over 250 movies, television shows, and commercials. Zach is also the lead designer and owner of Touchon The Art Of Wear, a clothing brand based in Los Angeles, CA.


Movie Name Release Date
American war fighter movie Watch American Warfighter Full English War Film in HD [2018] April 27, 2018