Zackary Arthur


Zackary Arthur age twelve, has worked in every genre of film and television. He has worked with James Franco, Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair and Liev Schrieber. Zackary made his major motion picture debut as Sam Sullivan in The 5th Wave, starring opposite Chloë Grace Moretz as her little brother. Zackary is featured on the Golden Globe winning Amazon television series Transparent starring Jeffrey Tambor. Coincidentally, he plays Tambour's grandson named Zack Pfefferman, (Amy Landecker and Rob Hubel's son) on the award-winning series. Acting since the age of six, Zackary has learned to master various accents for various projects. Zackary enjoys filming in the U.S.A. as well as Internationally. Recently, Zackary was one of the leading actors in a film that was filmed in Switzerland. He enjoys historical fiction as much as action films. Arthur has dozens of short films and commercials to his credit, including spots for Honda, Best Buy, and voice-over for Build-A-Bear. Zack continues to study acting and has been in acting classes since the beginning of his acting career. Zackary's other talents include; all sports, singing, break dancing, climbing trees, and drawing. He is a voracious reader, enjoys world travel, roller coasters, horseback riding and hiking. The youngest of three children, Arthur lives in Southern California with his family including his singer mom, firefighter dad, and thirteen-year old brother Aiden Arthur, also a working actor. His sister works in advertising and production. Zack aspires to become a filmmaker making films that inspire people to make a difference in the world. Instagram: 1zackaryarthur


Movie Name Release Date
don't come back from moon movie Don’t Come Back from the Moon English Sci-Fi Movie Online [2019] January 18, 2019